Atari Breakout Game

    Atari breakout is a very easy game that was developed by Atari Inc. The Atari Inc. was set up in 1972 and closed in 1984. The most famous game of Atari Inc. is Atari breakout game.

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    Atari breakout was a very long game. It was divided into many levels. In each level, the design is different from the others. However, the rule and the mission stay the game from levels to levels.

    In the game, you play with a red ball and a paddle. You have to make the red ball fly and bounce around the screen. Then, when the red ball falls, you have to catch it by the paddle.

   The mission of the ball is to touch all the blocks on the screen. Only when all the blocks disappear from the screen can you pass through that level.


   To make the high levels more different from the levels before. The order of the blocks changes a lot.

   In level 1, the blocks are arranged in orderly in four rows. On the highest row are the red blocks. On the next row are the yellow blocks. On the following row are the green blocks. Finally, on the lowest row are the blue blocks. Because they are arranged orderly, the red ball has to touch the box one by one. In that order, the ball cannot touch many of the blocks in one flight, but with this order, you have an advantage. That is the ability that you cannot catch the ball when is falls is very small. You can conserve your number of turns in this level.


    In level 2, the order of the blocks looks like a pair of wings. The number of the blocks is smaller than the number of the blocks in level 1. However, there is a metal blocks there to hinder you in this level. When the red ball touches the metal block, it will not fall down. It just stays there hindering you. Touching that block, the red bounces away and fall down or touches another block. In addition, the color of the blocks has a small change. There are no blue blocks or green blocks and the orange blocks appear. So there are three colors of the blocks in total. They are yellow, orange and red. This is the order of the three color in the level, too.

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