Implementation of close range photogrammetry using modern non-metric digital cameras for architectural documentation

    Mariem A. Elhalawani Affiliation
    ; Zaki M. Zeidan Affiliation
    ; Ashraf A. A. Beshr Affiliation


The development of applied geodetic techniques for mapping and documentation of historical structures, buildings and sites is an important and vital purpose for contribution of any recording of cultural heritage for any country such as Egypt. This is done to preserve and restore any valuable architectural or other cultural monument, as a support to architectural, archaeological and other art-historical research throughout the ages. The purpose of this paper is to use close range photogrammetry technique (CRP) to reconstruct 3D model of architectural and historical mosque facade and comparing the accuracy of using digital commercial non-metric cameras with different resolutions and metric camera with flatbed scanner and photogrammetric scanner for architectural building documentation. El-Nasr Mosque façade in Mansoura city, Egypt was chosen as a case study in this paper. At first, twenty five points were selected at mosque façade at different elevations and distributed at different façade surfaces and observed using total station. Some of these points were selected as control points and the others were selected as check points to validate the results. Effect of control point’s number on image processing and analysis is also studied. Three cameras positions were selected for imaging to get the full details of mosque façade. Close range Digital Workstation (CDW) program was used for processing and analysis of multiple images. The results are indicated that close range photogrammetry using metric camera with photogrammetry scanner instead of flatbed scanner in technique is accurate enough to be beneficial in 3D architectural building documentation. Digital cameras with CRP technique give up different accuracy that depends mainly on the resolution of cameras and camera specifications.

Keyword : 2D facade, CRP, metric camera, digital camera, Close range Digital Workstation (CDW) program

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Elhalawani, M. A., Zeidan, Z. M., & Beshr, A. A. A. (2021). Implementation of close range photogrammetry using modern non-metric digital cameras for architectural documentation. Geodesy and Cartography, 47(1), 45-53.
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Apr 26, 2021
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