Vol 21 No 5 (2020)

Published: 2020-07-03


Model of trust-based cooperative relationships in a supply chain

Urszula Ryciuk, Joanicjusz Nazarko
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Page 1225-1247

Page 1248-1268

Technical, information and innovation risks of industry 4.0 in small and medium-sized enterprises – case of Slovakia and Poland

Vytautas Snieška, Valentinas Navickas, Katarína Havierniková, Małgorzata Okręglicka, Waldemar Gajda
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Page 1269-1284

Page 1285-1306

Mathematical model for identifying and quantifying the overall environmental cost

Sorinel Capusneanu, Dan Ioan Topor, Mihaela Stefan Hint, Constantin Aurelian Ionescu, Mihaela Denisa Coman, Liliana Paschia, Nicoleta Luminita Gudanescu Nicolau, Oana Raluca Ivan
Abstract 666 | PDF Downloads 333 | DOI

Page 1307-1328

Constructing an entrepreneurship project evaluation system using a hybrid model

Qi-Gan Shao, James J. H. Liou, Sung-Shun Weng, Peiyao Su
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Page 1329-1349

Generalized financial cycle theory from the Minsky’s perspective: UK 1270–2016

Małgorzata Porada-Rochoń, Marinko Škare
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Page 1375-1389

Are the marginal convergence outcomes of the Cohesion Policy diminishing?

Mindaugas Butkus, Alma Mačiulytė-Šniukienė, Kristina Matuzevičiūtė
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Page 1390-1410

Matching the controller role: individuals vs companies

Ariel La Paz, Daniela Gracia, Jonathan Vásquez
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Page 1411-1431

Vitality and continuity of family businesses

Petra Rydvalova, Klara Antlova
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Page 1432-1450

The influence of some factors of competitiveness on business risks

Jan Dvorsky, Tomas Kliestik, Martin Cepel, Zdenek Strnad
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Page 1451-1465

Positive emotions and employees’ protection-motivated behaviours: a moderated mediation model

Jie Zhen, Zongxiao Xie, Kunxiang Dong
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Page 1466-1485


Greenwashing behaviours: causes, taxonomy and consequences based on a systematic literature review

Zhi Yang, Thi Thu Huong Nguyen, Hoang Nam Nguyen, Thi Thuy Nga Nguyen, Thi Thanh Cao
Abstract 1884 | PDF Downloads 1247 | DOI

Page 1486-1507