Vol 20 No 1 (2019)

Published: 2019-01-15


Value co-creation through social media: a case study of a start-up company

Junic Kim, Hwanho Choi
Abstract 3320 | PDF Downloads 1746 | DOI

Page 1-19

Factors for improving and moderating a successful supply chain

Yu Wen Shi, Ping-Kuo Chen, Yong Ye
Abstract 1975 | PDF Downloads 962 | DOI

Page 20-42

The economics of paper consumption in offices

Iqtidar Ali Shah, Sohail Amjed, Nasser Alhamar Alkathiri
Abstract 2122 | PDF Downloads 2153 | DOI

Page 43-62

Investigating the current business model innovation trends in the biotechnology industry

Balint Horvath, Nesrine Khazami, Prespa Ymeri, Csaba Fogarassy
Abstract 1939 | PDF Downloads 1525 | DOI

Page 63-85

Inter-relationship between firm growth and profitability in a context of economic crisis

Yolanda Fuertes-Callén, Beatriz Cuellar-Fernández
Abstract 1842 | PDF Downloads 2074 | DOI

Page 86-106

Page 107-130

Antecedents of online purchase intention and behaviour: uncovering unobserved heterogeneity

Joaquim Silva, José Carlos Pinho, Ana Soares, Elisabete Sá
Abstract 1973 | PDF Downloads 2866 | DOI

Page 131-148

The impact of the standardization of the NPD process on its efficiency

Mateja Karničar Šenk, Matjaž Roblek
Abstract 656 | PDF Downloads 705 | DOI

Page 149-167

Do the FAMA and FRENCH Five-Factor model forecast well using ANN?

Muhammad Naveed Jan, Usman Ayub
Abstract 1666 | PDF Downloads 784 | DOI

Page 168-191

Managing human resources in nursing: the relationship of nurses’ working time and patients’ independence level

Ramunė Čiarnienė, Roberta Suprikienė, Rūta Čiutienė, Asta Daunorienė, Olga Riklikienė
Abstract 1284 | PDF Downloads 675 | DOI

Page 192-207