Vol 20 No 4 (2019)

Published: 2019-05-13


A new pricing approach for SME loans issued by commercial banks based on credit score mapping and Archimedean Copula simulation

Chang Liu, Haoming Shi, Yujun Cai, Shu Shen, Dongtao Lin
Abstract 1054 | PDF Downloads 843 | DOI

Page 618-632

A study on the determinants of financial performance of U.S. agricultural cooperatives

Kuldeep Singh, Madhvendra Misra, Mohit Kumar, Vineet Tiwari
Abstract 2564 | PDF Downloads 1127 | DOI

Page 633-647

Analysis of variables affecting competitiveness of SMEs in the textile industry

Caner Taçoğlu, Cemil Ceylan, Yiğit Kazançoğlu
Abstract 1681 | PDF Downloads 988 | DOI

Page 648-673

Factors forming employee motivation influenced by regional and age-related differences

Miloš Hitka, Zoltán Rózsa, Marek Potkány, Lenka Ližbetinová
Abstract 2757 | PDF Downloads 1730 | DOI

Page 674-693

Inter-markets volatility spillover in U.S. bitcoin and financial markets

Muhammad Owais Qarni, Saqib Gulzar, Syeda Tamkeen Fatima, Majid Jamal Khan, Khurram Shafi
Abstract 1506 | PDF Downloads 829 | DOI

Page 694-714

Does corruption affects business innovation? Insights from emerging countries

Marilen Gabriel Pirtea, Gabriela Lucia Sipos, Alin Ionescu
Abstract 1436 | PDF Downloads 739 | DOI

Page 715-733

Impact of macroeconomic indicators on public debt of Slovak Republic

Miroslava Knapková, Martin Kiaba, Samuel Hudec
Abstract 791 | PDF Downloads 725 | DOI

Page 734-753

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and leadership: validation of a multi-factor framework in the United Kingdom (UK)

Shoukat Iqbal Khattak, Qingquan Jiang, Hui Li, Xiaosan Zhang
Abstract 1096 | PDF Downloads 839 | DOI

Page 754-776

Culture’s impact on entrepreneurship and interaction effect of economic development level: an 81 country study

Mutlu Çelikkol, Hakan Kitapçi, Gözde Döven
Abstract 2096 | PDF Downloads 1678 | DOI

Page 777-797

Determinants of cloud computing adoption by Romanian SMEs in the digital economy

Violeta Mihaela Dincă, Alina Mihaela Dima, Zoltán Rozsa
Abstract 1403 | PDF Downloads 855 | DOI

Page 798-820