Vol 19 No 1 (2013)

Published: 2013-01-16


Research on model fitting and strength characteristics of critical state for expansive soil

Zhiqing Li, Chuan Tang, Ruilin Hu, Yingxin Zhou
Abstract 237 | PDF Downloads 154 | DOI

Page 9-15

Evaluating construction project success with use of the M-TOPSIS method

Urban Pinter, Igor Pšunder
Abstract 340 | PDF Downloads 230 | DOI

Page 16-23

Applying the AHP to support the best-value contractor selection – lessons learned from two case studies in Taiwan

Wei-Chih Wang, Wen-der Yu, I-Tung Yang, Chun-Chang Lin, Ming-Tsung Lee, Yuan-Yuan Cheng
Abstract 409 | PDF Downloads 374 | DOI

Page 24-36

Measuring the perception of safety among Taiwan construction managers

Wei Tong Chen, Chun Sheng Lu, Shu-Shun Liu, Min-Shun Wang
Abstract 466 | PDF Downloads 327 | DOI

Page 37-48

Evaluation of the requirement for passenger car parking spaces using multi-criteria methods

Vytautas Palevičius, Gražvydas Mykolas Paliulis, Juratė Venckauskaitė, Boleslovas Vengrys
Abstract 335 | PDF Downloads 296 | DOI

Page 49-58

Feasibility study of industrial projects using Simos’ procedure

Mohamed Marzouk, Omar Amer, Moheeb El-Said
Abstract 343 | PDF Downloads 217 | DOI

Page 59-68

Nonlinear analysis of RC columns using the Drucker-Prager model

Guray Arslan, Melih Hacisalihoglu
Abstract 281 | PDF Downloads 377 | DOI

Page 69-77

Experimental and numerical investigation of sand compression peculiarities

Šarunas Skuodis, Arnoldas Norkus, Liudas Tumonis, Jonas Amšiejus, Ceslovas Aksamitauskas
Abstract 263 | PDF Downloads 142 | DOI

Page 78-85

An automated procedure for selecting project managers in construction firms

Fateme Jazebi, Abbas Rashidi
Abstract 274 | PDF Downloads 220 | DOI

Page 97-106

Alkali silica reaction of BOF and BFS wastes combination in cement

Ömer Özkan, Mehmet Sarıbıyık
Abstract 267 | PDF Downloads 136 | DOI

Page 113-120

Technology development in construction: a continuum from distant past into the future

Mirosław J. Skibniewski, Edmundas K. Zavadskas
Abstract 608 | PDF Downloads 643 | DOI

Page 136-147