Vol 24 No 7 (2018)

Published: 2018-11-13

Invited Review

Infrared thermography for detecting defects in concrete structures

Gene F. Sirca Jr., Hojjat Adeli
Abstract 1578 | PDF Downloads 1170 | DOI

Page 508-515


Prediction of depth temperature of asphalt layers in hot climate area

Nader Solatifar, Mojtaba Abbasghorbani, Amir Kavussi, Henrikas Sivilevičius
Abstract 653 | PDF Downloads 689 | DOI

Page 516-525

A method for analyzing the effect of implementing an enterprise system based on the complexity of activities

Chijoo Lee, Chiheyon Lee, Eul-Bum Lee
Abstract 521 | PDF Downloads 387 | DOI

Page 526-536

Interoperability analysis of IFC-based data exchange between heterogeneous BIM software

Huahui Lai, Xueyuan Deng
Abstract 1410 | PDF Downloads 1968 | DOI

Page 537-555

Framework for assessing serviceability and socio-economic risk associated with PPPs projects in Libya

Mohammed Marzouk, Mahmoud El-Hesnawi
Abstract 488 | PDF Downloads 377 | DOI

Page 556-567