Vol 19 No 3 (2011)

Published: 2011-10-21


Page 189-197

Bias errors in studies on sediment – laden flow in short experimental channels

Alfonsas Rimkus, Saulius Vaikasas, Boris Gjunsburgs
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Page 198-207

Nickel biosorption by finely ground waste sludge

Yasser Hannachi
Abstract 241 | PDF Downloads 148 | DOI

Page 208-214

Investigation of heavy metal and radionuclide distribution in silt of lake Didžiulis

Donatas Butkus, Kristina Šalčiūnienė
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Page 215-224

The numerical modeling of nitrogen oxides and coal monoxide in the atmosphere, when applying phoenics programme

Inga Januševičienė, Zenonas Venckus
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Page 225-233

On the short-term prognosis of anticyclonic formations in Vilnius by the hard cosmic ray flux variations

Dmitrijus Styro, Jovita Damauskaitė, Aleksej Beliajev
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Page 234-243

Hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria associated with intestinal tract of fish from the Baltic sea

Janina Šyvokienė, Liongina Micknienė
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Page 244-250

Theoretical modeling of temperature pulsations in plant leaf which are caused by leaf swing with respect to The Sun

Algimantas Povilas Sirvydas, Vidmantas Kucinskas, Paulius Kerpauskas, Juratė Nadzeikienė
Abstract 241 | PDF Downloads 137 | DOI

Page 251-259


Wastewater management in A Nigerian leper colony

Akinwale O. Coker, Johnson R. Oluremi, Rebecca A. Adeshiyan, Mynepalli K. Sridhar, Morenike E. Coker, Colin A. Booth, Jennifer A. Millington, Jamal M. Khatib
Abstract 274 | PDF Downloads 185 | DOI

Page 260-269