Vol 15 No 2 (2007)

Published: 2007-06-30


Comparison and analysis of investigation results on volumetric activity of 137Cs at the Baltic Sea coast in 2003–2005

Dmitrijus Styrо, Rasa Morkūnienė, Nijolė Astrauskienė, Asta Daunaravičienė
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Page 55-60

Investigation of ozone emission and dispersion from photocopying machines

Vaida Valuntaitė, Raselė Girgždienė
Abstract 251 | PDF Downloads 179 | DOI

Page 61-67

Soil water movement modelling in hapllicc luvisols (HMm) and albi hapllic luvisols (HMl) under Slovak climatic conditions

Iveta Tóthová, Dušan Igaz, Jaroslav Antal
Abstract 196 | PDF Downloads 126 | DOI

Page 69-75

Assesment of nitrification and denitrification rate in biological nitrogen removal from wastewater

Giedrė Vabolienė, Algirdas Bronislovas Matuzevičius
Abstract 233 | PDF Downloads 586 | DOI

Page 77-84

Investigation of noise dispersion from seaport equipment on the enterprise territory and residential environment

Pranas Baltrėnas, Klaus-Dieter Fröhner, Dainius Puzinas
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Page 85-92

Calibration of water‐quality model “Woda” – case study of the Warta River

Marek Sowinski, Anna Neugebauer
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Page 93-98

Radiological investigation of meat of game and dose estimation for hunters and members of their families

Raimondas Leopoldas Idzelis, Rima Ladygienė, Šarūnas Sinkevičius
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Page 99-104

Effect of sewage sludge fertilization in short‐rotation willow plantations

Dagnija Lazdiņa, Andis Lazdiņš, Zigurds Kariņš, Visvaldis Kāposts
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Page 105-111

Paper reviews

Biological and chemical indication of roadside ecotone zones

Agata Poszyler-Adamska, Andrzej Czerniak
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Page 113-118

Page 119-124