Vol 31 No 2 (2016): Impact of Vehicle Movement on Exploitation Parameters of Roads and Runways

Lead Guest Editor: Gianluca Dell’Acqua (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)

Guest Editor: Mario De Luca (University of Naples Federico II, Italy)

Guest Editor: Carlo Giacomo Prato (University of Queensland, Australia)


Published: 2016-06-28


The impact of vehicle movement on exploitation parameters of roads and runways: a short review of the special issue

Gianluca Dell’Acqua, Mario De Luca, Carlo G. Prato, Olegas Prentkovskis, Raimundas Junevičius
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Page 127-132

Original Article

Investigation of asphalt texture roughness on friction evolution for wheeled vehicles

Laurencas Raslavičius, Algis Pakalnis, Artūras Keršys, Ramūnas Skvireckas, Darius Juodvalkis
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Page 133–141

Impact of usable coefficient of adhesion between tyre and road surface by modern vehicle on its dynamics while driving and braking in the curve

Vladimír Panáček, Marek Semela, Vladimír Adamec, Barbora Schüllerová
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Page 142–146

Laboratory investigation and efficiency of deicing materials used in road maintenance

Andrius Ružinskas, Matas Bulevičius, Henrikas Sivilevičius
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Page 147–155

Incorporating safety into targeted pavement friction data collection and maintenance procedures

Ghazan Khan, Andrea R. Bill, Kevan Shafizadeh, David A. Noyce
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Page 167–176

Field measurements on runway friction decay related to rubber deposits

Mario De Luca, Francesco Abbondati, Thomas J. Yager, Gianluca Dell’Acqua
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Page 177–182

Estimation of rest periods for newly constructed/reconstructed pavements

Anwaar Ahmed, Tariq U. Saeed, Samuel Labi
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Page 183–191

Page 192–201

The influence of pavement–vehicle interaction on highway fuel consumption by field measurement

Xin Jiao, Michael Bienvenu
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Page 202–210

Appraisal of Takagi–sugeno type neuro-fuzzy network system with a modified differential evolution method to predict nonlinear wheel dynamics caused by road irregularities

Hamid Taghavifar, Asad M. Motlagh, Aref Mardani, Ali Hassanpour, Ashkan H. Hosseinloo, Leyla Taghavifar, Chongfeng Wei
Abstract 328 | PDF Downloads 142 | DOI

Page 211–220

Evaluating the effects of road geometry, environment, and traffic volume on rollover crashes

Mehdi Hosseinpour, Ahmad S. Yahaya, Ahmad F. Sadullah, Noriszura  Ismail, Seyed M. R. Ghadiri
Abstract 394 | PDF Downloads 273 | DOI

Page 221–232

A procedure for evaluating the influence of road context on drivers’ visual behaviour

Nicola Bongiorno, Gaetano Bosurgi, Orazio Pellegrino
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Page 233–241

Light vehicle model for dynamic car simulator

Alessio Pieroni, Claudio Lantieri, Hocine Imine, Andrea Simone
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Page 242–249

Sight distance analyses in road design process: Serbian practice

Dejan Gavran, Sanja Fric, Vladan Ilić, Filip Trpčevski
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Page 250–259

Operating speed as a key factor in studying the driver behaviour in a rural context

Francesca Russo, Salvatore A. Biancardo, Mariarosaria Busiello
Abstract 369 | PDF Downloads 247 | DOI

Page 260–270

Roadside public survey approach in black spot identification on rural roads: case study

Miladin Nešić, Krsto Lipovac, Milan Vujanić, Dragan Jovanović
Abstract 337 | PDF Downloads 204 | DOI

Page 271–281

Setting speed limits in interurban single-carriageway highways using expert’s judgment

Ana B. Silva, Álvaro Seco, Nuno Gregório
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Page 282–294

Microsimulation-based passenger car equivalents for heavy vehicles driving turbo-roundabouts

Orazio Giuffrè, Anna Granà, Sergio Marino, Fabio Galatioto
Abstract 352 | PDF Downloads 255 | DOI

Page 295–303