Vol 28 No 3 (2013)

Published: 2013-09-30

Original Article

Research of characteristics of working cycle of high-speed diesel engine operating on biofuels RME–E and D–RME–E. Part 2. Indicators and characteristics of heat release in diesel cylinder

Sergejus Lebedevas, Galina Lebedeva, Justas Žaglinskis, Paulius Rapalis, Ingrida Gudaitytė
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Page 217-223

Fuzzy multiobjective decision support model for urban rail transit projects in China

Jinbao Zhao, Wei Deng
Abstract 270 | PDF Downloads 117 | DOI

Page 224-235

Page 236-243

The possibility of developing intelligent logistics outsourcing in Slovenia

Patricija Bajec
Abstract 272 | PDF Downloads 179 | DOI

Page 244-255

Fatigue and brittle fracture of carbon steel of gas and oil pipelines

Pavlo Maruschak, Lyubomyr Poberezhny, Taras Pyrig
Abstract 263 | PDF Downloads 274 | DOI

Page 270-275

Biodiesel production from waste frying oil and its application to a diesel engine

Mohammad I. Al-Hasan
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Page 276-289

The problems of optimal design in the automotive industry

Ivan Dyakov
Abstract 221 | PDF Downloads 125 | DOI

Page 290-294

Ranking of sailing routes according to the potential number of groundings

Zvonimir Lušič, Serdjo Kos
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Page 295-301

Investigating traffic accidents: the interaction between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian

Edgar Sokolovskij, Olegas Prentkovskis
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Page 302-312

Power circulation in driveline system when the wheels of tractor and trailer are driven

Algirdas Janulevičius, Gediminas Pupinis
Abstract 282 | PDF Downloads 204 | DOI

Page 313-321

Workload estimation of harvesters during the operations of work cycle

Sergey Golyakevich, Andrei Goronovsky
Abstract 236 | PDF Downloads 125 | DOI

Page 322-329